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LIMITED TIME OFFER: $3,500 for 3 months, includes:

1:1 coaching calls (twice monthly)

Weekly group coaching calls

Visionary Leadership: How to Live Your Strategy, Create New Habits, and Inspire Your Team E-book

Access to Amplified Slack Channel

Exclusive courses and content

After 3 months, your $800 monthly subscription (cancel any time) includes:

1:1 coaching calls (twice monthly)

Weekly group coaching calls

Continued access to the Amplified Slack channel, courses and content

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Have Questions?

We Have an Answer!

When are the group coaching calls and how do I access them?

The group coaching calls are every Friday from 2:30 - 4:00 p.m. EST via Zoom. You can find the Zoom link in your "Welcome to Amplfied" course that you will get access to after check-out. The group call recordings are posted in the Amplified Slack channel.

How do I schedule my 1:1 coaching sessions?

You will be given a link to schedule online with any of the Amplified coaches.

How do I get access to the courses and content?

After you sign-up you will be given access to the "Welcome to Amplified" course which will give you all of the information you need to get started. In addition, we will be adding courses and content that you will have access to for the length of your membership.

After the initial 3-month program, if I don't want to continue my membership, how do I cancel?

Your Amplified membership subscription is able to be cancelled anytime before your billing period. You are able to change your subscription preferences on your own or, contact us and we'll help!



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