You have a unique mission in life that includes delivering your content, product or service to those who need it. Now, you can learn marketing tips from Joran Oppelt – a media and marketing professional with over 20 years of experience in publishing, advertising, creative direction, social media, and community management. During this four-part course, you will learn how to find the right audience and turn them into clients.

You will:

  • Create content calendars
  • Develop marketing and advertising plans 
  • Gain an understanding of basic design and advertising principles
  • Learn the best practices of social media platforms
  • Create messaging and content that gets results

Here's what we'll cover in the first video:

  • 1,000 True Fans
  • Your signature and your voice
  • Brand evolution 
  • Making meaning
  • Telling your story
  • Developing a pitch
  • Competition vs. collaboration

Here's what we'll cover in the second video:

  • Brand engagement
  • Brand management
  • Color
  • Spiritual branding
  • What is a logo?
  • Case study: DIY
  • Case study: Redesign
  • Case study: Building a brand
  • Subliminal branding
  • Branding checklist (working with designers)
  • Mindset
  • Suggested reading


  • Unit 2: Marketing and Advertising
  • Unit 3: Blogging and Content Creation
  • Unit 4: Social Media
  • 2 Videos

  • 0 Quizzes

  • 0 Worksheets

  • 1 File

  • Branding, Identity and Design (Part 1)

  • Branding, Identity and Design (Part 2)